Are you looking for a way to check your JAMB results for 2023 or previous years? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this post, I will show you how to check your JAMB results online or offline using simple steps. JAMB, which stands for Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, is the body that conducts the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) every year. This exam is a requirement for admission into various tertiary institutions in Nigeria, such as universities, polytechnics, colleges, and others. The 2023 UTME was held at 708 Computer-Based Test (CBT) centres in 105 cities across the country. A total of 1,595,779 candidates registered for the exam. The results of the exam have been released by JAMB and are now available for candidates to access. There are two methods to check your JAMB results: online or offline. The online method requires you to have a device with an internet connection and pay a fee of N1,500 to print your original result slip with your passport photograph. The offline method allows you to check your result via SMS using the same phone number you registered with. However, you may be charged a fee by your network operator for this service. Let’s look at each method in detail.  

How to Check 2023 JAMB Result Offline (via SMS)

  This is the easiest and fastest way to check your JAMB result. All you need to do is send “UTME RESULT” or “UTMERESULT” via SMS to 55019 or 66019 using the same phone number you registered with. Make sure you have at least N50 credit balance on your phone. You will receive a reply message shortly after sending the SMS. The message will contain your result details or an explanation of why your result is not available. Here are some possible messages you may receive:
  • If you use a phone number that was not used for registration, you will get a message saying: “This phone number was not used for registration.”
  • If your result is ready, you will get a message like: “Dear Mr/Miss X, your result is as follows… (followed by the details).”
  • If your result is withheld, you will get a message saying: “Result Withheld.”
  • If you need to upload some clarifications or documents, you will get a message saying: “Result withheld pending the upload of clarifications/document required from you.”
  • If you were absent from the exam, you will get a message saying: “CANDIDATE ABSENT.”
  • If your registration number was cancelled, you will get a message saying: “Invalid Registration Number or No Result Yet.”
  • If you entered the exam hall without authorization, you will get a message saying: “Invalid Entrance into the Exam Hall.”

How to Check JAMB Result Online

This method requires you to have access to the internet and pay a fee of N1,500 to print your original result slip with your passport photograph. You will also need to log in to your JAMB profile on the eFacility portal . Follow these steps to check your JAMB result online: STEP 1: Visit the JAMB eFacility portal and log in with your email address and password. STEP 2: Click on the Print Result Slip tab under the list of services. STEP 3: Choose your preferred payment option and proceed with the payment. STEP 4: After making the payment, select your exam year and enter your JAMB registration number in the required fields. STEP 5: Click on Print Result Slip and download or print your result slip. That’s it! You have successfully checked your JAMB result online or offline. Congratulations if you passed the exam and best of luck if you are preparing for the post-UTME screening of your chosen institution. Please note that JAMB does not upgrade results and anyone who claims to do so is a fraudster. Do not fall victim to any scam that promises to boost your score or change your course or institution.

Understanding Your JAMB Score: Interpreting the Results

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination is a pivotal moment for Nigerian students aspiring to pursue higher education. Upon successfully checking their JAMB results, candidates must delve deeper into understanding what their scores mean and how they can impact their academic future. This essay aims to shed light on the JAMB grading system, the significance of your score, and the next steps to take based on your performance.

The JAMB Grading System

JAMB employs a grading system that spans from 0 to 400 points. Each subject in the JAMB examination is scored out of a maximum of 100 points, leading to a total score calculated by summing the scores of all subjects. The grading system is as follows: – 0 – 39: Fail – 40 – 59: Pass – 60 – 69: Fair – 70 – 89: Good – 90 – 100: Excellent Understanding Your Score Your JAMB score is a direct reflection of your performance in the examination. It encapsulates your knowledge, preparation, and test-taking skills. Higher scores open doors to a world of opportunities, including gaining admission to prestigious universities and securing scholarships. Conversely, lower scores may necessitate a critical reevaluation of your study habits and strategies.

Next Steps

After understanding your JAMB scores, it’s crucial to plan your next steps wisely. Here are some actions you can consider:
1. University Admissions:
If your scores meet the cutoff requirements for your desired institutions, it’s time to proceed with the admission process. This involves visiting the respective university portals and following their admission guidelines. Ensure that you meet all application deadlines and provide the necessary documents.
2. Improvement:
If your JAMB scores fall below your expectations or the cutoff marks for your chosen universities, don’t despair. Consider reevaluating your study methods and seeking additional resources. Joining study groups, enrolling in exam preparation courses, or seeking the guidance of experienced tutors can help you enhance your knowledge and test-taking skills.
3. Re-examination:
In some cases, when the scores are significantly lower than desired, candidates may choose to retake the JAMB examination. Before deciding on this path, be sure to check the registration and exam schedule on the JAMB website. Preparing thoroughly and addressing the areas of weakness that led to the initial lower scores is essential for success in a re-examination.


Checking your JAMB results online or offline marks a crucial milestone in your academic journey. Understanding the significance of your scores and taking appropriate action can significantly impact your future. This essay has provided valuable insights into the JAMB grading system, the implications of your score, and the next steps you can take based on your performance. In conclusion, remember that success in JAMB, like in any endeavor, requires dedication, perseverance, and continuous improvement. As you navigate your journey toward higher education and academic achievement, use this guide as a roadmap to make informed decisions. Embrace the opportunities for growth and learning that come your way, and always keep in mind that success is attainable with the right mindset and efforts. Best of luck on your path to achieving your academic goals!
I hope this post has been helpful and informative. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below or contact me through Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more updates on education and career opportunities in Nigeria.

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